Feb 23, 2019 we visit the caslte of Trachselwald



The name of this municipality means "Drechsler-Wald" (" Woodturner -Forest) and was first mentioned in 1131 as Trahselwalt. [3] The village around Trachselwald Castle first belonged to the barons of Trachselwald, then to the barons of Rüti bei Lyssach , and then finally to the barons of Sumiswald until the sovereignty over the village was sold to the city of Bern in 1408. The castle became the sheriffhood .

In 1574 the village was destroyed by a fire. During the Swiss Peasants' War , on 3 April 1653, there was a gathering in the inn Tanne, which became the first public appearance of the peasants' leader Niklaus Leuenberger , who was executed in Trachselwald Castle on August 27 of the same year.

The village church was first mentioned in 1275 and was destroyed in the 1574 fire. It was rebuilt in 1668. The bell tower was first added in 1464 and was rebuilt to its current appearance in 1786. [3]